What is MyDisk?

Service disabled. This service is no longer actively maintained and has been disabled.

MyDisk is an easy-to-use solution for sharing files, folders and disks online.

By using a smart Java application, MyDisk routes Internet traffic to your computer making it easy to access files stored on your computer from anywhere in the world.

Share documents, stream a music collection, share photos with friends or even host a personal web site. MyDisk makes sharing files on your computer easy. No complicated setup or installation required, no firewall rules or port forwarding to worry about. If you have Java and an Internet connection, you can share online.

Share a disk online

Start the MyDiskNode application to share a local file, folder or disk online.

View advanced application options.

Access a shared disk

Connect to a remote node to access a shared file, folder or disk online.

Node name:

Connect to the example node or browse all nodes.

To share files online, Java Runtime 6 or above is required.

MyDiskNode is also available on mobile devices. Search the Android Market